By abusing this the Human Group

โดย: Mohamed [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-02-12 13:13:01
By abusing this the Human Group has not signed contracts 룰렛사이트written in Portuguese

or Spanish, but signed contracts in 바카라필승전략Japanese only, without a specific explanation,

and even when dismissing, it is necessary to sign a document that says "I want to retire" in Japanese.

Union Mie accused Mie Labor Bureau of 10 모바일카지노subcontractors who did business without

a worker dispatching business, and tried to 카지노사이트검증collectively negotiate with the

dismissed workers to hold a meeting 블랙잭게임in front of Sharp's headquarters and human group.

But both companies avoided responsibility. So on 룰렛December 3, a press

conference was held and Union Mie released 카지노사이트Yakuza's voice, which interfered

and threatened union protests 바카라노하우and negotiations. They pointed out that the tyranny

that is happening at the Sharp Kameyama Plant is not a problem only for the Sharp

Kameyama Plant, but a frequent occurrence throughout 먹튀검증Japan.