Union union Mie held a press conference

โดย: Alexis [IP: 125.57.213.xxx]
เมื่อ: 2019-02-12 13:10:59
Union union Mie held a press conference in front of Tokyo Metropolitan

Government. This press conference was a protest against the fact that

the Sharp Kameyama factory in Kameyama 온라인카지노City, Mie Prefecture,

dismissed about 3,000 foreign 에비앙카지노workers. The Sharp Kameyama Factory

is a place where LCD TVs are manufactured and converted into

subcontracting factories for making 퍼스트카지노Apple parts. In 2016, after the

Hon Hai of Taiwan bought Sharp, 더킹카지노the work of the Kameyama factory

increased sharply, and Sharp recruited foreign workers through the local dispatcher Human Group.

The problem was the employment contract 온라인바카라the Human Group made with

foreign workers. More than 10 of the Human Group subsidiaries hired

about 3,000 workers for one to two 카니발카지노months for each company, and the

workers who had finished 룰렛게임their contracts received a letter of

resignation and then 예스카지노reemployed in other companies in the group.

It is a trick to avoid the obligation to join social insurance or give

paid vacation. About 3,000 foreign workers 인터넷카지노who were subjected to such

tricks are mainly from Brazil or from Peru. 엠카지노 They do not speak Japanese well.