A Canadian woman trapped

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เมื่อ: 2019-02-12 13:07:52
A Canadian woman trapped in a clothing donation was found dead with hypothermia.

A woman who was trapped in a clothing 블랙잭사이트donation in Toronto was found dead on Sunday.

In Vancouver, a 34-year-old man died in a similar accident in just a month.

The Canadian Apparel Donation Box has a 바카라사이트trap designed to hold the body when

someone tries to pull it out to 슬롯머신사이트prevent theft. That's why in Canada, there

have been seven incidents of 마카오카지노people being trapped in clothing donations since 2015.

Loretta Sond Storm (45), who died two years ago when her daughter was

stabbed in a clothing donation, said, "We have 슬롯머신to eliminate all donations

and safely design and distribute 우리카지노them again." Most of those who died in

garment donations were homeless people who tried to steal clothes from

donations or roamed around in warm 포커사이트spots.

Some nonprofit organizations have claimed that local garment donations

have already been eliminated and new 모바일슬롯머신donations must be made in a secure

way. Homeless people and poverty alleviators also demanded that

engineers be redesigned so that 슬롯머신게임they no longer pose a risk.

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